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There are 2 main brands of the best GPS handheld devices they are Garmin and Magellan.

They both have many choices when searching for the best handheld GPS devices; it can get quite complicated to decide which the best handheld GPS device is for you.

Here are comparisons of some of the best handheld GPS devices from both brands. The features between each one are quite varied to give an idea of what they’re available.

Before choosing the best handheld GPS device for you think about what features are important? Large screens, long battery life and preloaded maps are all standard features now. Other highly useful features include fast connection to satellites, voice control, and lots more. Also think about the amount of features you need in terms of the price you want to pay.

Handheld GPS units are wonderful for hiking, biking, camping, hunting, boating, geocaching, or really any outdoor activity. By adding a mounting bracket, you can use a handheld GPS in your car too. As a matter of fact, there are brackets for mounting most GPS units on bicycles, motorcycles and boats. Unlike GPS units made for your car, most handhelds don’t have voice prompts though, although some of them will “beep” as you approach your

The Garmin vs Magellan competition is not over. Competition lowers prices and also creates better products and both Garmin and Magellan have responded aggressively to the competition offered by the other company. Garmin looks like it’s winning the “gadget war” with Magellan. Garmin’s prices have dropped considerably over the past year. And they’ve added a ton of new features and technologies.

This is not to say you should not buy a Magellan. I really like Magellan. The Garmin GPS vs Magellan competition benefits you. Right now, I would say that Garmin is winning. But they are both very strong and keep improving their products regularly.

Garmin has a variety of Handheld GPS devices to choose from. The Oregon is an advanced, rugged handheld touch screen. The Dakota is the entry level of handheld GPS and the eTrex is outdoor navigation in the palm of your hand.

Magellan has the eXplorist series with 4 models for their handheld GPS devices. Each with their own features, so depending on your requirements and your price point the Magellan. They are extremely good to those who are dedicated to geocaching.

To get more details about the prices and features of the best handheld GPS devices by Magellan and Garmin please check out the Best Handheld GPS Devices.